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 Our formed by hand ornaments are made in a great variety of colours and shapes. Some of them made to resemble semiprecious stones of the Urals, such as malachite, lazurite and other stones commonly used for handmade articles. The ornaments can be worn both daily and on special occasions, adding a special adornment to your evening dress.

  Freshly collected resin of coniferous trees serves as a base for producing the ornaments, coloured by special light and moisture resistant paints of the highest quality. As the forming is complete, the articles undergo a special thermal treatment that makes them light and durable. Our necklaces are strung together on a robust fishing-line.

  Both earrings’ clips and necklaces' clasps are made from oxidation-free metals traditionally used in jewelers, making them absolutely harmless for your skin.

  Each ornament makes an unique work of art that preserves beneficial to your health features of the natural resins, calming your body down, warming it up, creating a feeling of inner comfort and generally increasing your vitality.



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