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The art works of Valery Lomovtsev and Natalya Lomovtseva have been well known to many Moscovites for quite a while now. By continuously exhibiting their works in the city’s galleries, exhibition halls, clubs, and palaces of culture the artists give people an opportunity to be part of the unusual world of their creation. Natalya has been begun to exhibit in Moscow in 1987. Their first joint exhibition in Moscow was opened at the beginning of the 1990’s, but already at the beginning of 1980’s the artists had begun exhibiting their works in other Russian cities, as well as in Riga and other parts of Latvia. The artists' art works represented Russian Culture in the 73 International Exhibition in Izmir, Turkey, in 2004. Natalya and Valery have been exhibiting their art works for more than 25 years, constantly updating their collection with many new and original works.

The exhibitions consist of many elements. There are individual works by Natalya and Valery and works created jointly. Paintings, embroideries, painted wooden eggs, ceramic mosaic, sketches, digital art, portraits as well as Valery’s written works all form part of the exhibitions. The latter gives the philosophical background to the rest of the couple’s artistic works.

Valery Lomovtsev was born in the Siberian town of Beliy Yar in Russia. His brilliant artistic abilities became apparent from the very early age. Valery is an artist, a poet, a writer, a philosopher and a creator of several musical compositions. He is the creator of many paintings, graphic works, poems, considerable number of science fiction stories, humorous novels, and a large number of books that form a series named “Practical World Outlook”. As a rule he illustrates his books himself, with some assistance from Natalya. Valery’s multidimensional and multilayered books can provide everyone who is willing with a chance to find answers to the deepest, and most vitally important philosophical and practical questions. The illustrations can help to understand Valery’s books on a much deeper level and from different points of view. This in turn can enable the viewer to gain a fuller perception of the world.

Natalya Lomovtseva is à professional painter. She was born in 1955 in Moscow. Natalya graduated from the Moscow Textile Academy, Department of Applied Arts, in 1979. She is the creator of many paintings, embroideries and illustrations to Valery’s books. Natalya is also partly responsible for editing Valery’s books. 

Natalya created her individual embroidery style in the 1980’s. The style picturesquely combines rich tones of colored and metallic threads with a large variety of glass beads, bugles and simulated pearls. The method allows her to reach such accuracy in portraits, landscapes and compositions that the viewer gets an impression of looking at a hologram.

Natalya and Valery have also developed their original painting style by using tempera, watercolours and a special transparent decorative lacquer. The artists apply several layers of lacquer onto thick sheets of canvas, alternating it with tempera and watercolours. This technique makes paintings seem three-dimensional  and magically magnetic. The originality of their work allows them to create works of amazing transparency and luminous depth.

In the last few years Natalya and Valery have created a completely new technique of ceramic-plastic mosaic for their artistic works. They combine ceramic-plastic mosaic with glass beads, bugles and simulated pearls. The works created using this technique amaze with their extraordinary spatial illumination.

The authors’ next technique is a digital art that combines cosmic with down-to-earth, and conveys a sense of endlessness of the surroundings.

"The Portraits of People" is absolutely new cycle of the digital art works. What is unusual there - on the portraits portrayed real people who are next to us, but with accent on the Beautiful inside that usually is latent and hide. The salutary regenerative effect of these Portraits is amazing.

In the exhibitions you can have a touch with unusual World of Valery’s and Nataliy’s creation. With World, that is permeated with light and amazing warmth. With World, that wakes up remembrances about something that had been left and forgotten long ago but is dear and cozy as before, and warm and home as in childhood.



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